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Dr. Duke

Dr. Duke is a nationally board certified (NCCAOM) Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture Physician, graduating Summa Cum Laude and received an honorary award for demonstrating exceptional knowledge in the area of clinical skills. Wholistic Medical Group is a medical practice devoted to Holistic and Alternative approaches to health care. Dr. Duke’s melding of Eastern and Western medicine has allowed him to create a fast, non-invasive method for pinpointing areas of deficiency and illness. He has completed extensive additional studies in areas of alternative modalities in treating both acute and chronic disease to return patients to optimal health. His philosophy is to get to the root cause of disease rather than to treat and manage symptoms.

Dr. Duke

The Inspiration

Dr. Duke had a health crisis that was unsolvable. He saw every Dr. in Tampa over a few years time and finally ended up at a neurosurgeon who wanted to remove a portion of his brain! Dr. Duke found an alternative method to healing that over a decade he has molded into a set of principles and protocols that optimize organ health as a starting point, at which point most symptoms tend to resolve on their own. With any underlying root cause issues he can then have greater success because he has the body at 100% in order to facilitate change. This is the major piece missing from all conventional care and most alternative medicine treatments. Both attempt to change the symptoms or address issues directly without having all the parts at 100% in order to be able to facilitate this change.

Wholistic Medical Group

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The History


Dr. Duke began Wholistic Medical Group (WMG) to provide solutions missing in conventional care. Current medical care approaches medicine from a germ based perspective. There has to be a “boogey-man” or offending agent and then a solution that either obliterates it, suppresses it, or cuts it out. While this has its place it does not provide for those who don't have anything wrong with them according to labs and images but don't feel well. It also does not help those who do not wish to take medications as a lifestyle when the medication does not resolve the condition but circumvents it, usually with side effects that are unwanted.


Dr. Duke has been amazing! My husband and I both use him for different health reasons and he is better than we anticipated, we have been looking for someone with services like his for a long time. He’s and Expert and very personable. I’ve already referred him to other family members and wish there were more people in the world like him with his services. Highly recommend!


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