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Dr. Duke utilizes non-invasive in-house testing to address health conditions at the very first visit to determine a baseline protocol tailored uniquely to each patient.

About Wholistic Medical Group

Treating the Symptoms Before It’s a Problem

A revolutionary physician in the field of holistic medicine, Dr. Duke optimizes organ function – the missing piece in conventional and alternative medicine. Instead of treating symptoms, whether with pharmaceuticals or natural supplements, Dr. Duke’s approach corrects internal organ dysfunction so underlying root cause issues can be truly addressed, not just managed.

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If your labs indicate issues of excess or deficiency you are likely aware that medications only address those and not the root cause. Utilizing natural supplements to lower or raise these values also does not address the issues which Dr. Duke has pinpointed as the organs not capable of doing their jobs effectively. Without correcting the organ dysfunction patients will always suffer or have to take medications or supplements for life until they cause another health crisis.

About Dr. Duke

Personalized and Preventative Care

Organs systems suffer fatigue. Whether due to stress, trauma, diet, lifestyle, acute illness, bad luck…. Conventional medicine assumes the body returns to 100% without assistance (they don’t even consider diet as necessary assistance). This is a flawed and outdated model of medicine. Before disease of the body the organs systems do not function optimally and set the stage for conditions to worsen, generally symptoms are just indications of the organs systems not functioning optimally, like lights on your cars dash. An engine is not defective or damaged because you have not replaced your oil filter, the oil filter is just not capable of functioning optimally and “symptoms” arise.

Common Symptoms

Patients visit Dr. Duke for a variety of reasons, all of which include their own unique situations.
We specialize in solving your medical problems through tailored wholistic approach that gets results.

Make sure you check out our comprehensive list of symptoms with our interactive body map.

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Internal Vs External Medicine

Patients of Dr. Duke always receive the personalized type of care that is not often found these days. Every patient is treated accordingly, with Dr. Duke spending as much time as needed per appointment.

Dr. Duke’s Formula

Your Holistic Solution

Orthomolecular supplementation provides therapeutic levels of nutritional support so organ systems can function OPTIMALLY.

Acute and chronic conditions relating to pain, digestive issues, mood disorders, allergies, and more resolve through the use of Dr. Duke’s Formulas. Where conventional medicine has failed, Dr. Duke’s Formulas provide solutions.

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Whether you’re wondering about payment options and costs, long term plans or anything else, our FAQ page has the answers you’re looing for.

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What Our Patients Say

I had my first appointment with Dr. Duke he takes the time needed to listen to you. That’s so rare in the medical field today. I went through a series of tests and Dr. Duke came up with a plan specifically for me. I’m extremely excited to start so I’ll update this in a few weeks.
Rosa Williams
Rosa Williams
Not having visited a holistic doctor for over 20 years I was very happy and impressed that it was as positive and fruitful an experience as my first go. Just wonder why I left it so long. Dr Duke Mansell is very professional and approchable puts you at ease and inspires confidence. I am looking forward to following his treatment and feeling better
Pat Swearingen
Pat Swearingen
Dr. Dukes listens to what you have to say and treats your whole body not just your symptoms. His goal is to get the body back to taking care of itself not prescribing medications or supplements that you will be on for the rest of your life. I will continue seeing him and recommend to anyone that needs his services.
Allison Townsend
Allison Townsend
I was referred to Dr Duke last fall from a fellow tennis player. I was having a lot of problems with my knees and was looking for an alternative solution to traditional steroid shots, surgery, etc. I finally decided to book an appointment and find out what Dr Duke had to offer. I am so glad I did. 2 months later my knee pain is virtually gone. I’m able to play tennis without a brace and walking up stairs and getting out of my car is pain free. Dr Duke is extremely professional and knowledgable! Thank you Dr Duke for your passion towards Wholestic medicine. Allison Townsend
Dr. Duke is my first stop before considering expensive and invasive traditional treatment. On several different occasions, I've been able to avoid unnecessary treatments thanks to Dr. Duke. When I approached my primary care physician about a frequent eye twitch, he recommended I see a neurologist for a brain scan. Dr. Duke said I was lacking magnesium. The issue stopped in less than 3 days. I can't imagine the series of expensive and time-consuming tests I would have endured to come up with this simple treatment. Dr. Duke's sleep protocol allowed me to avoid the addicting sleep aids that my other doctors had prescribed and I'm finally enjoying sustained sleep (with dreams!) for the first time in years. A couple months before having my shoulder scoped, Dr. Duke administered an acupuncture treatment during a flare-up. It worked better for pain than the cortisone shot I had received from the ortho. A few weeks after the scope, Dr. Duke treated me with an injection of Tramueel. It helped reduce swelling, pain and inflammation so I could get more out of physical therapy. This stuff works! What I appreciate most is his honesty and open-mindedness. He will tell me if another route or another suggestion made by another physician makes sense.
So I was a bit skeptical of wholistic care since it’s my first time but I wish I’ve done it sooner. I’ve had stomach issues for years and this is the first time I’m truly seeing results. Not just physically but mentally as well. He’s patient and kind and truly listens to your body. Dr. Duke has far exceeded my expectations and is so passionate about what he does. 10/10.
Emily Strober
Emily Strober
I originally was looking for a holistic doctor to help balance my hormones & prepare my body to come off birth control. I was on birth control for eight years & had tried to get off unsuccessfully due to hair loss, acne, etc. I also was dealing with awful anxiety & I had mentioned that to Dr Duke as well. Little did I know that I was dealing with candida overgrowth (leaky gut) that was causing other issues that I was overlooking. After following Dr Duke’s instructions I feel like a better version of myself. 5 weeks later, I can honestly say I haven’t felt this good in YEARS. My anxiety is gone, constant bloating (that I didn’t even realize I had because I was so used to my digestive issues) is gone. Trust the protocol it may flare up for a few days before it goes away but that means it’s working!! Dr Duke- thank you for everything!
Josh Marks
Josh Marks
I can’t start to thank Dr. Duke enough for essentially healing my sciatic nerve pain. I was struggling for 8 months and couldn’t put our 2 year old in the car seat or crib without almost dropping her due to the wincing pain. I tried everything like chiropractic care, acupuncture, yoga, hot and cold pads, lidocaine patches, etc. but they only provided temporary relief. After talking to a friend they recommended Dr. Duke to me for dry needling and whatever magic he did for them. I was skeptical to say the least, but after my first visit I had such significant relief I was hooked! I went for a follow up 5 days later and the next day I was 100% better! 8 months of pain was cured in only 2 visits! If you are struggling with pain don’t waste your time and book with him right away!
Andrea M
Andrea M
Dr. Duke has been an excellent doctor to help guide me with resolving my gut issues. He carefully assessed my needs and prescribed supplements tailored to my specific requirements. I have been looking for a natural route to take and this has been an amazing opportunity to start the journey of fully healing my gut and feeling great again. I’m immensely grateful for the positive impact Dr. Duke has made and encourage anyone to see him to start your healing process!
Rachel Johnson
Rachel Johnson
After years of knotted up back and shoulder muscles pulling my spine out of alignment and causing excruciating pain Dr. Duke’s treatment with acupuncture and red light therapy has greatly improved my issue by 80-90% in just a couple sessions. I also appreciated the thorough discussion of my issues and what types of treatment were available before any treatment started. I wish I had done this sooner. Do yourself a favor and visit Dr. Duke.

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