Visiting Wholistic Medical Group

Patients of Dr. Duke’s have come to appreciate his holistic approach to medicine while always allowing for enough time to diagnose correctly and focusing on full body optimization.

Body Optimization

By focusing on organ function first to improve outcomes instead of attempting to treat the direct cause - its like trying to drive fast with an old engine - we rebuild the engine and anything you do will provide greater results.

Commitment to Understanding

Patients are treated with the utmost importance and respect, and Dr. Duke takes the time to develop an in-depth knowledge of them and their condition in order to achieve success, as opposed to the few minutes you get with an MD or other doctors.

Holistic Approach

Dr. Duke utilizes non-invasive in-house testing that determines health factors that may not show up on labs or are completely asymptomatic

Common Symptoms

Dr. Duke treats a wide variety of ailments and issues, and is adept at FINALLY getting to the root of your problems.  The following are some of the most common reasons patients visit Wholistic Medical Group.

GI issues

Pain conditions

Sleep disorders

Hormone disorders

Mood disorders

Any other symptoms

The Dr. Duke Approach

Dr. Duke utilizes non-invasive in-house testing to address health conditions at the very first visit to determine a baseline protocol tailored uniquely to each patient. Two patients with the exact same condition would have different protocols based on this testing as no two conditions are ever the same in terms of underlying root cause issue and organs impacted needing support.

Physical Medicine

The following are some of our more common physical medicine practices

Dr Duke

Internal Medicine

The following are some of our more common internal medicine practices

I have been struggling with gut issues for about 10 years, seeing every kind of doctor under the sun with no true relief until seeing Dr. Duke. I have only been under his care for about a month but have already seen more positive results than I ever have. I also went in today with intense lower back pain. He did some acupuncture on me and by the time I am writing this (6 hours later), the pain has immensely subsided. This kind of medicine is truly amazing and am so grateful to have been referred to Dr. Duke! Highly recommend.